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I'm Going Away

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ArtistFiery Furnaces

Energetic, raucous highs blend into smooth, satisfying slows in the Fiery Furnaces' eighth album, I'm Going Away.

Kokoo Girl

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With a slew of global influences under her belt, Jaqee perfects the charmingly sweet, vintage pop song in Kokoo Girl.

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

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ArtistKitty, Daisy and Lewis

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis take us way back with newfangled rockabilly tunes that June Cleaver could get down to.


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Bounce along with the glittery, vintage sound of Lights' groovy album, Rites.

Yeah, So

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ArtistSlow Club

I have to keep reminding myself that Charles and Rebecca, the only two members of the U.K.'s Slow Club, are in fact from the U.K. The songs featured on their debut album, Yeah, So, deliver the sort of creaky-floorboard "Momma, fetch the milk pail" folk-rock you would expect from a band who grew up shucking corn and listening to old Johnny Cash albums, which maybe they did.

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