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Spent: Memoirs of a Shopping Addict

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Book AuthorAvis Cardella

If, as Andy Warhol said, "buying is much more American than thinking," then fashion journalist Avis Cardella is one of the most American women you'll ever meet.

Never Tell Our Business To Strangers: A Memoir

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Book AuthorJennifer Mascia

When the FBI arrested five-year-old Jennifer Mascia's father in 1983, a family friend soothed her. "It's not real," he purred. "They're making a movie."

Babysitter: An American History

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Book AuthorMiriam Forman-Brunell

Caretaker. Cultural icon. Paid by the hour. The enigma that is the American baby-sitter is explored in all it's endearing/smart/scary/sexy glory in Miriam Forman-Brunell's Babysitter: An American History.

I DON’T: A Contrarian History of Marriage

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GenreSocial IssuesSex
Book AuthorSusan Squire

Less an argument against the institution of marriage than a comprehensive history, this is a fun read that's simultaneously cheeky and no-nonsense.

American Wife: A Novel

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Book AuthorCurtis Sittenfeld

Alice Blackwell is a fictional character: She isn’t Laura Bush, but the veil is thin enough to set tongues wagging in Washington and beyond.

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