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Cutting the Edge

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ArtistChicks On Speed

Chicks on Speed rage on in Cutting the Edge, an eclectic embodiment of feisty femalehood.

Fever Ray

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ArtistFever Ray

Karin Dreijer's solo debut is beautifully hypnotic.

Silence Is Wild

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ArtistFrida Hyvonen

The Swedish singer/songwriter’s follow-up gleams with maturity.

Tracks and Traces (Reissue)

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ArtistHarmonia & Eno ’76

Reissues can be a little ho-hum, but this 1976 collab between electronic-music pioneer Brian Eno and kraut-rock darlings Harmonia (a side project of NEU!’s Michael Rother) is worth the attention.


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ArtistRobin Guthrie
GenreArt Rock

With all the best bits of the recent nu-shoegaze craze (see: the Big Pink, A Sunny Day In Glasgow), it’s amazing that veteran Robin Guthrie has made an album that, however unintentionally, takes the newcomers to school.

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