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I Know I Am, But What Are You?

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Genre Memoir
Book Author Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee could be the love child of David Sedaris and Chelsea Handler, if such a thing were possible (which it's totally not). And in her memoir, Bee, who is currently the Most Senior Correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, does not disappoint.

Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations

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Genre Memoir
Book Author Ayaan Hirsi Ali

This deeply personal story of feminist activist and political leader Ayaan Hirsi Ali is part family history and part thesis on the impact of Islam on women. The result is a must-read memoir more enlightening than many books assigned in liberal-arts classes.

Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy

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Genre Social Issues
Book Author Melissa Milgrom

In Still Life, Melissa Milgrom peels back the skin on contemporary taxidermy, revealing all the blood and guts of a hobby focused on making the dead appear alive.

Between The Sheets: The Literary Liaisons of Nine 20th-Century Women Writers

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Genre History
Book Author Lesley McDowell

Between the Sheets explores the messy intersection of art, lust, fame, and power.

How To Sew A Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew

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Genre How-To
Book Author Erin Bried

How to Sew a Button offers instruction on things that you may have forgotten (or never even learned in the first place). Important things, like how to make blueberry pancakes.

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