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Head First

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AlbumHead First

When we last heard from Alison Goldfrapp, she was indulging her inner hippie-hugging trees and providing ambient down-tempo textures on 2008's Seventh Tree, an album that served as a rustic counterpoint to the glittery electro-glam of 2005's Supernature.

Music for Men

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AlbumMusic for Men

The Gossip embrace their proud pop-hood in Music for Men.


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Iconic Grace Jones returns with an introspective version of her avant-garde, Caribbean-cool sound in Hurricane.

Grass Widow

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AlbumGrass Widow
GenreAlt Rock

The self-titled debut by Grass Widow, an all-girl three-piece from San Francisco, hearkens back to those sweet, sweet days when the iPod was but a glimmer in our collective eye.

All Y’all

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AlbumAll Y’all
Genre RockGarage

All Y'all is reminiscent of a few other garage rock bands you may already know, but that doesn't mean it's not a good listen.


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GenreArt Rock

Grizzly Bear ups the ante with their third album, Veckatimest, complementing their trademark sound with classy orchestration and flexing vocals to match.


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Growing grew from a seed planted in Olympia, WA (where Wynne Greenwood from Tracy + the Plastics briefly played keyboard for them), in 2001; now the three bandmates who make up this dancey noise ensemble reside in Brooklyn and have released a new album, Pumps!

Blood From a Stone

Hanne Hukkelberg mixes traditional melodies and influences with found sounds for her melancholy release Blood From a Stone.

Face Control

Music Info

AlbumFace Control
Genre Rock

The Furs’ sophomore effort, Face Control, pulses with drum-machine goodness.

Tracks and Traces (Reissue)

Reissues can be a little ho-hum, but this 1976 collab between electronic-music pioneer Brian Eno and kraut-rock darlings Harmonia (a side project of NEU!’s Michael Rother) is worth the attention.

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