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The Century of Self

These Austin-based art rockers keep the drama coming.

To Realize

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ArtistClipd Beaks
GenreArt Rock

Oakland post-punkers Clipd Beaks go pre-punk on their second full-length, creating a death-hippie vibe with meandering songs that hover around the five-minute mark like a smoky veil over barren landscapes.


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ArtistFlaming Lips
GenreArt Rock

The Flaming Lips show off their own brand of trancey, experimental, eerie goth tunes in Embryonic.

The Singles

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ArtistFree Blood
Genre RockPunkArt Rock

An art-punk explosion, courtesy of Free Blood.


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ArtistGrizzly Bear
GenreArt Rock

Grizzly Bear ups the ante with their third album, Veckatimest, complementing their trademark sound with classy orchestration and flexing vocals to match.

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