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Concrete Jungle

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Nneka is serious about exposing the concrete jungles she’s seen in Nigeria and Germany, jumping from the political to the very personal in each track of her U.S. debut.

Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

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ArtistOk Go

OK Go is known more for matching outfits and stylized music videos than for their brand of L.A. power-pop.

American Gong

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As any drama queen worth her salt knows, sometimes it's fun to wallow in a bad mood.


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GenreIndie Rock

It's been three years since Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Spoon's most triumphant release since 2002's Kill the Moonlight, the album that contained, for better or worse, The O.C.-baiting "The Way We Get By."

Them Crooked Vultures

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ArtistThem Crooked Vultures

It's impossible to look at the debut from Them Crooked Vultures with clear eyes.


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ArtistVampire Weekend
GenreAlt Rock

Vampire Weekend's self-titled debut earned the group a million great reviews, even more screaming fans, and, of course, a legion of haters.

Nippon Girls: Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1966

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ArtistVarious Artists

While Japan is nowhere near the powerhouse of the U.S. or the U.K. in terms of worldwide musical influence, it's always had a thriving pop-music scene.

Talking to You, Talking to Me

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ArtistThe Watson Twins

The Watson Twins have matured beyond what they're most known for: singing backup on Jenny Lewis' 2006 solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat.

Dear God, I Hate Myself

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ArtistXiu Xiu
GenreAlt Rock

Xiu Xiu is the brain baby of experimental indie rocker Jamie Stewart, and on Dear God, I Hate Myself he’s joined by new bandmate Angela Seo, who takes on piano, synth, and drum-programming duties.

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