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The Vodoun Effect: Funk & Sato From Benin's Obscure Labels 1972-1975 (Volume One)

'West Africa’s best kept secret' brings the rhythm.

Little Hells

Little Hells is a little bit of heaven for your earbuds.


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Mirah's long-awaited fourth solo album is explores troubles and hopes.


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Genre RockElectronica

Metric's fourth outing offers more than a few surprises.

Fortress Round My Heart

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ArtistIda Maria
Genre Rock

Sweden-based rocker Ida Maria's debut album packs a punch.

Begone Dull Care

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ArtistJunior Boys

The Canadian elecro duo sticks to what it does best on its third album.

Here We Go Magic

Genre-bending singer/songwriter Luke Temple is back under the moniker Here We Go Magic.

Face Control

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ArtistHandsome Furs
Genre Rock

The Furs’ sophomore effort, Face Control, pulses with drum-machine goodness.

Fever Ray

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ArtistFever Ray

Karin Dreijer's solo debut is beautifully hypnotic.

Easy Come, Easy Go

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ArtistMarianne Faithfull
Genre Rock

Marianne Faithfull always has her finger on the pulse of who’s cool.

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