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Prince Umberto and the Sister of Ill

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Artist Bumblebeez
Genre Dance

Ridiculous, fabulous, and hilarious.


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Artist Deluka
Genre Dance

Deluka are like the teenybopper sisters of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs-they can't possibly live up to their older sibling's cool but still desperately try to emulate their killer style.


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Artist Growing
Genre Dance

Growing grew from a seed planted in Olympia, WA (where Wynne Greenwood from Tracy + the Plastics briefly played keyboard for them), in 2001; now the three bandmates who make up this dancey noise ensemble reside in Brooklyn and have released a new album, Pumps!

No Más

Music Info

Artist Javelin
Genre DancePop

Summer parties on rooftops need soundtracks, and Javelins No Más is the perfect album to covet all season long.

Illuminations EP

Music Info

Artist Little Boots
Genre Dance

Sassy dance queen Little Boots mixes powerhouse musicality with polished production her snappy new EP, Illuminations.

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