byjamie1975, September 1, 2008
Aisyah Ang's art expresses a true connection to the magic and wonder of a world that exists in our inner-most hearts. Her paintings have the ability to change our beliefs and to alter how we think about art. bravo
byjamie1975, September 1, 2008
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Christine Aerfeldt depicts the universe as inherently balanced, showing equal shares of good and evil, truth and deception, strength and weakness. Her images are balanced and her charactors are survivors. She shows us that the most deserving do not always make it in life. In these brillian inner worlds of magic I find genius!
byjamie1975, September 1, 2008
love the art but am tired of fairies!
byjamie1975, September 1, 2008
I enjoyed looking at the art but would not want to hang on my wall. Just to scary but I think the artist is very talented.
byjamie1975, September 1, 2008
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A charming website of dreamy folkloric art. While the paintings are fun to look at, but they have a deeper, spiritual meaning as well. Ms. Merriweather works in both large and small and in two and three dimensions. Her animals are depicted with human thoughts and feelings in a touching, comedic sense. I got the feeling that she really loves telling a good story.

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