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Tall and blond, Betty Ann Westlund wears her mechanic’s jacket with ease. And why not? The 30-year-old founder of Oakland, CA’s Lady Luck Car Club (LLCC for short)—a women-only collective of vintage auto enthusiasts—more than proved her automotive acumen when she completely rebuilt her 1949 Kaiser Traveler. “I found the Kaiser in a junkyard,” she says. “It was stripped, no steering wheel, no brakes. When I got it, I was feeling pretty broken as an ... Read More
Amy Sedaris, funny lady and two-time BUST cover gal, will be meeting and greeting IRL in NYC this Saturday, Sept. 13 at 3 p.m. Amy will be at Fishs Eddy to promote her “I Like You” kitchen line, which includes lots and lots of dollar signs and gingham. There will also be free cupcakes with purchase.  You can also enter a raffle for the chance to win an “Amy Sedaris starter kit” and handmade potholders (that is, made by Amy’s ... Read More
  The BUST Craftacular has a long and craftiful history, almost a decade worth of amazing vendors and handmade goods of which dreams are made. It's true. If you've been to a Craftacular, then you know. If you haven't, you really ought to come on out to Queens on Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 20 & 21, because we'll be bringing that goodness back in the form of BUST Craftacular @ World Make Faire. We got to chat cats, messes, advice, and doing what you love ... Read More
   We all know that Terry Richardson is an exploitative creep, who has had numerous major allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. Luckily, BuzzFeed took it upon themselves to do a little more investigating into his relationships with major fashion corporations he has worked for in the past. In an attempt to possibly unearth any further information regarding the several allegations, BuzzFeed asked 25 different fashion companies, "Will You ... Read More
   It grieved us to discover, that 16-year-old high school junior, Maren Sanchez, was fatally stabbed in Milford, Connecticut this morning, because she simply exercised her human right to say "no." Just hours before prom night, Maren was stabbed by an angered ex-boyfriend, after she declined to go to the prom with him. The police reports are abhorrent; witnesses said that the suspect shoved Maren down the stairs, attempted to choke her, and then ... Read More
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