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Event: 'Ladyfest Philly 2013'Print
Date: Friday, June 07, 2013 - 8:00 am
Duration: 3 Days
Contact Info:

June 7-9, 2013
The Rotunda, Locust Moon and AIRSpace Gallery in West Philadelphia

All Proceeds Benefit Project SAFE and Women in Transition

A full schedule, workshop descriptions and ticketing information will be available very soon. Hope to see you there.



US Girls (Toronto): usgirls.bandcamp.com
Screaming Females (New Brunswick): screamingfemales.bandcamp.com
Potty Mouth (Western Mass): pottymouth.bandcamp.com
Parasol (Boston): parasolma.bandcamp.com
Void Vision: voidvision.bandcamp.com
Aye Nako (New York): ayenako.org
In School (New York): inschool.bandcamp.com
Priests (D.C.): priests.bandcamp.com
Peeple Watchin’ (Boston): peeplewatchin.bandcamp.com
Black Wine (New Jersey): blackwine.bandcamp.com
Shady Hawkins (New York): shadyhawkins.bandcamp.com
Whore Paint (Providence): whorepaintpvd.tumblr.com
Attia Taylor (New York): attiataylor.bandcamp.com
3Jane (New Brunswick): 3jane.bandcamp.com
+HIRS+: hirs.bandcamp.com
Trophy Wife: trophywifetheband.bandcamp.com
Blizzard Babies (Chicago): blizzardbabies.bandcamp.com
Big Mouth (Baltimore): bigmouthsound.bandcamp.com
Batty: batty.bandcamp.com
Amanda X: amandax.bandcamp.com
Ghost Ship: Rosali Middleman and Mary Lattimore
Kate Ferencz: kateferencz.bandcamp.com
Mindtroll (New York): mindtroll.bandcamp.com


Sexual Communication and Consent with Dr. Justine Marie Shuey (Juicy Justine)
The Stop Motion Stomp Station with Kristina Centore
Drumline with Girls Rock Philly
Urban Gardening at Plotland
Winging It: Nurturing Authentic Communication in Feminist Organizing with For the Birds Collective
Drawing Autobio comics with Liz Prince and Ramsey Beyer
Abortion, Menstrual Extraction, and the MVA
Self Defense: From Eye Contact to Eye Poking
Readings from Liz Prince, Suzy X, Annie Mok, Kerri Radley, Katie Haegele and Jes Skolnik
Queer and Trans Yoga with shay and Qui
Fix-A-Flat with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
Herbal Infusions and Tinctures
Amps, Pedals and PAs: Demystifying Electronics with Girls Rock Philly
Victim-Blaming in the Media: What It Is & What You Can Do About It with Tara Murtha
Project SAFE: What's It All About?
Youth, Activism and the Arts
Radical Printmaking: Pulling the Personal and the Political with Leah Girardo

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