It’s only natural that nonconformist and writer Lena Dunham is on to the next one-- comic book style! After reaching further acclaim at this year's Golden Globes, and successfully dishing out another season of Girls on HBO, Archie Comics approached Dunham with an offer to pen four issues of unconventional Archie stories after she, “publicly expressed her affection for Archie Comics last November during a Q&A event with J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst in New York City”.

Archie Comics has made quite a few moves in a very new direction these past few years, releasing “Life with Archie” with Archie as an adult, introducing an openly gay character and even including “Afterlife with Archie” an “ongoing non-all-ages zombie story by Archie Chief Creative Office Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and artist Francesco Francavilla”.

The offer to Dunham was openly received and will hopefully expose both Dunham and Archie to new audiences, and foster positive vibes for both innovators. "We sent her a box of tons of Archie books, she devoured them all, and maybe a week or two later came back with her pitch," Aguirre-Sacasa said to CBR. "I'm not going to spoil it, but it's really, really funny. It's incredibly contemporary. It's a classic Archie story, with a definitely unique, Lena spin, and it's going to be set in Archie continuity."

Time and time again Dunham proves her skill at crafting and accentuating characters, both fictional and nonfictional. Dunham’s talent first emerged with her film Tiny Furniture in 2010, which starred Dunham alongside her mother and sister and follows Aura (Dunham) as she struggles to find success and define herself post-undergrad…which seems kinda similar to Dunham’s real-life journey.

Girls of course tells another near-and-dear story of Dunham's, featuring her real-life friends in perfectly written scenarios of super silly, messy, and chaotic 20-something life. 

On the new comic series: "She brings a unique point-of-view to all these characters, but she also loves them, and knows what makes them work," Aguirre-Sacasa said. "It’s really good stuff, and obviously it's going to be a huge deal for Archie."

Dunham has the opportunity to either expand upon her quirky, edgy, 20-something girly empire and simply Archie-fy herself, or she can throw us a curve ball and introduce some new elements. It’s clear that she can write about what she knows, but can she expand her repertoire and write convincing material about something other then her lived experiences?

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