Lena Dunham’s first Vogue cover story will be appearing in the magazine's February 2014 issue.

The spread, shot by the ultra famous Annie Leibovitz, includes images of the doe-eyed Dunham dressed in some serious high fashion pieces, posing in various typical New York scenes while her Girls co-star Adam Driver and her dog Lamby attempt to share the spotlight. Personally, I think that even the way she is holding her hands while resting them on Driver’s head overshadows the buildings behind her. And maybe this is because she is likely not actually on the streets of New York. What is totally undeniable is the fact that the photos are all obviously Photoshopped. Her face, skin and body have also all clearly been retouched. Like, where exactly is her left arm in this shot of her draped over the bed?! 

I am all for the seemingly effortless, kinda mostly awkward, genius that is Lena Dunham. The magazine's article, along with the fabulously weird photo moments, does a nice job of highlighting that aspect of her. It is very clear that she is, without a doubt, an extremely talented and hardworking young woman who is described so accurately as having the ability to speak for a hyperconnected generation rich in entitled ambition, but poor in practical know-how. I realize that this opinion of Dunham is not necessarily shared by an overwhelming majority of any particular generation of folks, but I do have to say for myself that I will most def be reading her upcoming book that will be on shelves in the fall. Not only is it illustrated by her friend Joana Avillez, but she describes it herself as “a slightly kaleidoscopic version of a memoir,” and that’s good enough for me!

And what kind of article about Lena Dunham would be complete without addressing her body? This one of course does, and in being true to Vogue's aesthetic, the emphasis is on her fashion sense. I appreciated the fact that the article describes her as a kind of spokesperson for young women who want to express themselves stylishly but with personal whimsy. For more about her upcoming works, her relationship, and her first feature in Vogue as an old-soul eleven-year-old, see the full article here!  


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