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Autostraddle 1.0 : Girl-on-Girl Culture

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The new Autostraddle 1.0 is Girl-on-Girl Culture for Lesbians & Bisexuals at the edge. Autostraddle aims to address all things terrible/AWESOME with a quick, queer and intellectual attitude. We’re particularly passionate about independent movies and music, books, theater, visual art, cyberculture and sex as well as queer theory, social justice, feminism and GLBT rights. We like the macro and the micro, the international and the close-to-home. We take a queer sensibility to everything — ’cause you know, something doesn’t have to be GAY to be, you know – gay.
We built an amazing community through Riese's L Word recaps on The L Word Online and Old Autostraddle, and this is our chance to keep that dialogue going -- but about smart stuff this time.