Female musical artists have been blowing up both the mainstream and alternative charts the past couple of months. We are only 21 days into March, Women's History Month might I add, and a number of talented ladies have released some of the most bad-ass albums and singles we have heard all year. Here are a few of the favorites from this month that you should definitely listen to and keep on your radar.

1.) Mø

Danish electro-pop artist, Karen Marie Ørsted, also known as Mø, released her newest album, No Mythologies to Follow, on March 10th. The tracks on this album include luscious beats and whimsical melodies that make you want to strut down the streets singing the lyrics like you're in a music video. Before her album dropped, she released an AWESOME cover of the Spice Girls' song, "Say You'll Be There." You can buy her latest album here!


Jillian Banks, who performs under the moniker BANKS, is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles who has gained more mainstream attention over the past couple of months. Not only does she have a new album coming out later this Spring, but she performed at SXSW last weekend. She just released a new single last week and it's dark electro R&B sound is enchanting. Banks draws influences from other female musicians like Lauryn Hill and Fiona Apple. Here is the music video for her new single, "Brain." You can buy it here.

3.) Meklit Hadero

Meklit Hadero's just released a new album, We Are Alive, this past Tuesday, March 18th. Meklit's new record is awesome because she draws inspiration from so many different genres, old and new, to make a fresh new sound. Meklit's dulcet, jazz vocals blend beautifully with both her slower and more past-faced tracks. The record is also sprinkled with an Ethiopian influence, and even features a traditional Ethiopian song called, "Kemekem (I like your Afro)."

Here is a live performance of the first song on her newest album, which you can buy here!

4.) Lyla Foy

Lyla Foy is a British sub pop singer/songwriter who released her newest record, Mirrors the Sky, this past Tuesday on March 18th. It has a very mellow sound and might just be a perfect album for doing yoga in your house on a Sunday afternoon. A writer for Pitchfork called the album, "aerodynamic" which seems like the perfect adjective to describe its hypnotic and airy sound. I particularly like the track, Rumour. You can buy her album here!



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