Last night, I was watching the Grammy Awards when I realized something utterly ridiculous. LL Cool J has been wearing that hat (pictured above), known as a "flat cap" (thanks, Google image search) for a suspicious amount of time. Nobody holds on to trends for that long, unless you're still committed to that high waisted denim Calvin Klein pencil skirt that hasn't fit since you were 21 years old  because it's "a classic" and "maybe it will fit again someday." (I'm looking at you, mom).

I'm convinced that the rest of us are equally guilty of trans-decade hoarding. Which brings me to my point: if LL has been wearing this hat since the mid/late 2000's, does that mean it is indeed a classic, or is he steadfastly holding to a hat that needs to return to the era from whence it came? At first, I was leaning toward the latter, but then again, I firmly believe that if you love something and it makes you happy, you should wear it even if it's a garbage bag embroidered with rainbow CareBears. After an extensive image search, I've come to the conclusion that the flat cap--though reminiscent of a 19th century Scottish farmer--does indeed light LL's fire. The following is an ode to that joy:

He wore it in black velvet!

He wore it with Taylor!

He wore it while adoringly gazing upon Queen Nicki!

Yes, he even wore it in plaid (is that tartan?) to his book signing.

He matched it to his suit! Or did he match the suit to the cap? We just don't know.

He wore it- Okay. Obviously you see where I'm going with this. Maybe one day I'll learn to love something the way LL loves this hat, and be able to commit to a piece of clothing for more than eight months before begging everyone around me to stop letting me make my own fashion choices. But until then, I'll continue to annoy my sister every morning, double checking eight times if she is SURE that what I've put on isn't a total disaster.

Images via Getty Images MTV  Female PR Photos, and WordPress

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