Make this Rum Hot Toddy Tonite!

By: Lauriein Eat Me

Well if there is one positive outcome out of this whole Polar Vortex thing, it’s that I’ve perfected a recipe for a delicious Rum Hot Toddy. It is the perfect night cap for a chilly evening. It's not too boozy and has no caffeine, so you can easily fall asleep and dream of coconut trees and beaches. I’m not a fan of whiskey, which is more traditional for a toddy, so of course you can substitute that or brandy for the rum, but this Kraken spiced rum is really smooth.

1 cup of Tazos Flowering Honeybush tea

generous squeeze of lemon slice

1 jigger of Kraken Spiced Rum

2 tablespoons honey

1 Cinammon stick


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