Lee Materazzi and her mother are both photographers; while Materazzi works in fine art, her mother has formal training in commercial photography. In Materazzi’s new series on “disrupted domestic acts,” the mother and daughter’s divergent aesthetics come to a head, producing dynamic images that explore the very nature of domestic life.



Materazzi, who has often photographed her mother, allowed her mother to take over for this project, asking her to capture images as she herself played out wild scenes of domesticity gone awry. As Materazzi posed with squirting orange soda and got herself entangled in a plate of leftovers, her mother’s silly side revealed itself as she “[insisted] that she could do a better job of pouring chicken noodle soup on her head.” Throughout the project, mother and daughter took turns, alternating between photographer and subject. 



The stunning series results from collaboration in its truest form, in compromises and tensions between commercial and artistic aesthetics. The experimentation of childhood and parenthood reveals itself in seemingly accidental and wonderfully serendipitous ways, and what emerges is a dynamic portrayal of womanhood as it relates to the home. The mother and daughter are attacked by falling curtains and a vacuum cleaner, yet they find moments of blissful communion with the home and all it represents for a family, entering the folds of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or basking in a waterfall of laundry soap. The relationship between mother and daughter and that between woman and home remain ambiguous throughout, beautifully alternating between contention and harmony. Take a look. 



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