If you're looking for an alternative to watching 2014's 'meh' summer releases,Flavorwire's list of 50 essential feminist films cuts across history, mixing oldies-but-goodies with cult and criterion favorites.

Check out some legendary picks, like the ever-androgynous goddess Tilda Swinton in Orlando, or the experimental Dyketactics, the first lesbian-made short film to portray lesbian sex. 

The list also features Alien, the first film ever to pass the Bechdel test, and even argues for films with questionable feminist cred, like Clueless and the James Bond film, A View to a Kill.

While you're guaranteed to find some films you haven't seen yet - like Vera Chytilová'sDaisies and Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen's Riddles of the Sphinx - you may find some of your favorites missing. Waitress, anyone? Show Me Love?

Check out the list here and let us know what you missing while you watch punk rock iconKathleen Hanna in The Punk Singer on Netflix (yay!!!). 


Photos courtesy of anotherrainysunday.comew.comOutside the Frame, and moarpowah.com. 

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