If you’re as done with this week as we are, the moody, experimental sounds of Jihae are a perfect fit right about now. Not only is the South Korean singer crafting a weird-wave, synth-meets-rock-then-says-hey-to-soul genre of her own, but as a multimedia artist she incorporates her artistic vision into all aspects of her music. Take, for example, her latest work, the video for “Illusion of You,” the single off her fourth album of the same name.  It’s a trippy, melancholy ride into Jihae’s mind, one that reflects the story behind the track itself. “Illusion of You” is a passionate, somber address that features Jihae’s polished, fierce vocals mourning the loss of a deceitful lover. So mellow out and get lost in the dreamy, ethereal soundscapes of Jihae’s grayscale world below.

Photo by Mote Sinabel

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