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ArtistThe Plasticines
Release DateAugust 2009
Genre Rock

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Printed in IssueAug/Sept 09
Review AuthorErin Griffith
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Sassy rocker femmes The Plasticines speak their minds with their insanely catchy, charmingly bitchy debut About Love.

Like the high-school clique from the movie Mean Girls, this French chick rock band is glossy, calculated, and just a little bit snide. Lucky for us, those qualities translate into a catchy, energetic album packed with deliciously bitchy pop songs. About Love, the group’s second full-length, steamrolls through 12 tracks of fist-pumping kick drums under sparse, crunchy guitars and polished, in-your-face melodies that evoke Pat Benatar. Bratty backing vocals and random interspersions of French are only icing on the cake. Even though the Plasticines self-identify as “garage rock,” with influences like Blondie and the White Stripes, they more accurately channel Sahara Hotnights or even the Donnas. Regardless of inspiration, the band has succeeded at “bitch rock.” Because when lead singer Katty Besnard wails, “I’m a bitch, in disguise,” you can’t help but believe her.

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