Begone Dull Care

The Canadian elecro duo sticks to what it does best on its third album.

The third album from Canadian electro duo Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus, aka Junior Boys, will not surprise fans. Airy, longing lyrics and tight, polished beats are prevalent as ever, and the transitions between tracks and tempos are impressive as always. 'Parallel Lines' and 'Work' set a mellow atmosphere to chill out to before seamlessly taking you into 'Bits and Pieces,' which makes you want to grind on a hot boy in a dark room. Junior Boys’ strength is in the editing and mastering of their sound, and Begone Dull Care (a name inspired by animator Norman McLaren who is known for his technical cachet) is no exception. Bottom line: If Kraftwerk, David Bowie, and Justin Timberlake made studio love, this just might be their baby.


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