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Break It Up
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ArtistJemina Pearl
LabelUniversalEcstatic Peace!
Release DateOctober 2009

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Printed in IssueOct/Nov 09
Review AuthorSara Graham
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Bratty ex-Be Your Own Pet singer Jemina Pearl flies solo, but retains her sassy, punky charm in Break It Up.

Jemina Pearl, ex-frontwoman of now defunct teen-
punk sensation Be Your Own Pet, emerges with shorter hair, tinier skirts, and just as much sass with her solo debut, Break It Up. The album is a 13-song collection of snot rock, all backed by punky guitar riffs, superfast drums, and a vibe that pays homage to great rockers of the past. Pearl channels the Clash with the bouncy bass and funk guitar on “Ecstatic Appeal” and Thin Lizzy with the mesmerizing, soft-metal sound of “Retrograde.” Even Iggy Pop approves—he drops in on the duet “I Hate People,” a track that sums up Pearl’s MO well. She sings, “I hate everything I see/It’s a different city with the same old scene,” presumably about her new digs in N.Y.C. Ever the hater, the girl’s got all the swagger to back up her shit-talk. Last time I saw her play live, she heckled her own opener during their entire set. Bottom line: Break It Up is a spunky solo effort perfect for your inner bitch.

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