Don't Stop

Like a spunkier, wittier Kylie Minogue, should-be-superstar Annie had her fab debut, Anniemal, downloaded by all the online movers ‘n’ shakers, but that mighty blog love never translated into actual album sales.

And since her storied follow-up, Don’t Stop, has floated around the Web for months with nary a peep, a similarly shameful fate may sadly await. That’s a crime, ’cause this album is bright and energetic, passionate and playful. Every song is a potential single with a weirdo edge underneath the initial sugar buzz, thanks in part to ace producers like Xenomania and Richard X. There used to be a market for well-crafted confections that a vibrant personality like Annie could easily sell to, so let’s hope that Don’t Stop is her battle cry for bringing pure pop to the masses.