Grand Hot

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ArtistMatt and Kim
Release DateJanuary 2009

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Printed in IssueFeb/Mar 09
Review AuthorDawn Mauberret
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Brooklyn's favorite power-pop-punk duo does it again.

Move the living room couch against the wall, and put away anything breakable. Matt and Kim, Brooklyn’s favorite power-pop–punk duo, have released their much anticipated sophomore album, Grand, and it’s time to celebrate with a good old-fashioned house party. Although their formula—keyboards, drums, and upbeat tunes—seems simple, Matt and Kim are much more than a buzz band and to prove it, they’ve dropped new tracks that are catchier and more danceable than ever. The nostalgic lyrics and pop-drenched beat of opening track “Daylight” make it impossible not to ditch your grumpy mood and hit “repeat” when the song ends. Even with improved production on Grand, nothing compares to the hysteric frenzy of their live show, so be sure to pick up the album and stay tuned for the tour. But consider yourself warned: you’ll leave the venue out of breath, bruised, covered in other people’s sweat, and smiling from ear to ear.

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