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Guns Don't Kill People . . . Lazers Do

Guns Don't Kill People . . . Lazers Do
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ArtistMajor Lazer
Release DateJune 2009

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Printed in IssueAug/Sept 09
Review AuthorErica Varlese
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The mix-masters behind Santigold and M.I.A release Guns Don't Kill People . . . Lazers Do blends reggae inspiration with blatant danceability to keep you movin' and groovin' all night long.

Major Lazer is the brainchild of renowned DJs/producers Diplo and Switch, whose names probably sound familiar (count producing M.I.A. and Santigold as feathers in their hats). Guns Don’t Kill People was recorded during a trip to Jamaica and aptly layers dancehall rhythms over found sounds, synth beats, and vocals from guests such as Ms. Thing, Santigold, and more. True to its reggae roots, the album’s lyrics alternate between the subtly sweet and ultraviolent, with a large serving of tongue-in-cheek humor, exemplified in “Mary Jane,” a not-so-subtle ode to its illicit namesake. Sonically smart “Can’t Stop Now” overlaps a warbled, delicate reggae beat; “Baby,” features Auto-Tuned infant wails as its rhythmic foundation. Bottom line? Guns Don’t Kill People gets the classic stamp of approval: it’s got great beats, and it’ll make you move.

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