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Hurricane Hot

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Artistgrace jones
LabelMSI: Wall of Sound
Release DateOctober 2008

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Printed in IssueJune/July 09
Review AuthorMichael Levine
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Iconic Grace Jones returns with an introspective version of her avant-garde, Caribbean-cool sound in Hurricane.

When I was growing up, being provocative didn’t mean going on Letterman and saying “fuck” seven times or showing one’s va-jay-jay on the Internet. It meant pushing boundaries as a visionary whose work would hopefully stand the test of time. Grace Jones, iconic model/actress/musician of the ’80s, certainly embodies the latter and has returned after 20 years of silence with Hurricane. This album finds ice queen Jones melting a bit and sharing some of her most introspective lyrics yet. “I’m Crying (Mother’s Tears)” and “William’s Blood,” which features a gospel choir, muse on her family’s past. Of course, Jones’ hardass side is brilliantly demonstrated on “Corporate Cannibal,” “Devil in My Life,” and the title track. Appearances by Brian Eno, Tricky, Ivor Guest, and her old rhythm section, Sly & Robbie, take her post-punk/reggae/dub sound and update it for the post-Portishead generation. Grace Jones is back, bitches, and she’s still amazing.

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