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Energetic, raucous highs blend into smooth, satisfying slows in the Fiery Furnaces' eighth album, I'm Going Away.

Known for their adventurous albums, the Fiery Furnaces continue the tradition with their eighth and latest, I’m Going Away. The title track starts with a mid-’60s vibe, blending Eleanor Friedberger’s husky vocals with sparsely placed guitars and an overall driving rhythm. They instantly slow things down with the crooning, AM Gold–flavored “Drive to Dallas,” which meanders through four minutes of lazy-afternoon melodies before leaping into an urgent repetition of “If I see you tomorrow/I don’t know what I will do.” “The End is Near” faintly—and strangely—echoes Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So,” and “Charmaine Champagne” picks up the momentum with spiraling pianos and fuzzy guitars. The remaining tracks offer up a cozy mix of classic rock and pure pop pleasure, creating an album for slow Sunday mornings when you want nothing more than your butt on the couch and a full pot of coffee.