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I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura
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LabelLe Grand Magistry
Release DateJuly 2008

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Printed in IssueOct/Nov 08
Review AuthorMolly Simms
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Songs this sweet are meant to be shared.

The biggest problem with PAS/CAL is that they’re too relentlessly likeable: too breezy, too clever, and too melodic. All of this pesky delightfulness means you can’t keep them from your friends, pretending you discovered them. No matter—songs this sweet are meant to be shared. I Was Raised is the group’s first official LP and finds the band in excellent form, with complex, orchestral arrangements under Casimer Pascal’s wistful falsetto, which falls somewhere between that of the Shins’ lead singer and Of Montreal’s frontman. Standout tracks include “You Were Too Old For Me,” and “O Honey We’re Ridiculous,” both exuding the retro sound and world-weary charm that PAS/CAL does best. Yes, there’s a tweeness here that won’t appeal to, say, fans of black metal, but pop and indie-rock enthusiasts will likely fall under the group’s spell. For those familiar with PAS/CAL’s previous EPs, this album will be an immediate favorite. For those just tuning in, I Was Raised is a welcome introduction to a band heading for big things.

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