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In Ear Park
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ArtistDepartment of Eagles
Release DateOctober 2008
Genre Rock

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Printed in IssueOct/Nov 08
Review AuthorChris Stiegler
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The long-awaited second album from Brooklyn's Department of Eagles.

In Ear Park is the long-awaited second album from Brooklyn's Department of Eagles. Similar to their debut, it's macabre and orchestral, like the soundtrack to a silent film--the music sets an ominous tone, but the lyrics are often simple and sweet. Tracks like "Classical Records" are rife with instrumentation and wild arrangements, while the title track is softer and almost private. Principal band members Fred Nicolaus and Daniel Rossen, whose other gig as a guitarist/singer/songwriter in Grizzly Bear has an obvious influence here, have been collaborating since college, and this bro bond allows for some gushy guy talk about growing up, dads, and remembering the good 'ol times. Regardless of the familiar velvety indie-rock sound, In Ear Park is worht a heartfelt listen.

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