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Infinite Light
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ArtistLightning Dust
Release DateAugust 2009
GenreArt Rock

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Printed in IssueOct/Nov 09
Review AuthorMary-Louise Price
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Black Mountain vets show their emotional side in Lightning Dust’s considerate and stirring release Infinite Light.

Though both of Lighting Dust’s key members, Amber Webber and Josh Wells, come from Vancouver’s heavy psych-rock quintet Black Mountain, the two bands are incomparable. On Lightning Dust’s sophomore release, Infinite Light, Webber and Wells show that they do, indeed, have a softer side. Webber’s distinctive voice has a quiver that rivals Grace Slick, and a soothing quality that could ease a screaming baby to sleep. Wells provides backing orchestration pulling out everything from electric piano and acoustic guitar to bossa nova drums and strings. What come out of this collaboration are moving and emotional tracks that sound sweet and gritty at once. Listen for the drum-heavy anthem “The Times,” moody electro-goth track “Never Seen,” haunting orchestral jaunt “Wondering What Everyone Knows,” and even a cameo of Wells’ voice on country-tinged duet “Honest Man.”

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