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Release DateJuly 2009

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Printed in IssueOct/Nov 09
Review AuthorErica Varlese
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With a slew of global influences under her belt, Jaqee perfects the charmingly sweet, vintage pop song in Kokoo Girl.

If you’re craving some sugary sweetness, eccentric songstress Jaqee has got the goods. This self-identified “musical nomad’s” fourth release, Kokoo Girl, embodies the diversity of both her varied influences (count first-wave reggae and children’s songs in the mix), and her Ugandan-Swedish-German roots. Jaqee’s voice sounds like a girlier version of legends like Nina Simone or Billie Holiday, the latter of whom inspired Jaqee’s last album, A Letter to Billie. While many of Kokoo Girl’s tracks have a distinctly dancehall sound, the string instruments on “Moonshine” and “Take It or Leave It” add an Old World flair to straight-up pop tunes. “Letter to Samson” is a genuine blues track where the singer’s quirky voice drags on lyrics like “But who am I to judge you, my dear?/I thought that’s what the cross was meant for.” Jaqee’s cheeky, cutesy style will make you feel like frolicking across the globe, so you can be a kokoo girl too.

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