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Release DateApril 2010

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Printed in IssueJun/July 2010
Review AuthorKelly McClure
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Growing grew from a seed planted in Olympia, WA (where Wynne Greenwood from Tracy + the Plastics briefly played keyboard for them), in 2001; now the three bandmates who make up this dancey noise ensemble reside in Brooklyn and have released a new album, Pumps!

Since their start, the band has evolved from slow drone to a more ass-shaking beast of carefully structured chaos. Pumps! is an eight-song soundtrack for that hysterical hour right before the time when sleep is no longer an option but a necessity. Difficult to separate by tracks, the album as a whole pokes and chatters and slithers until you snap to at the end, half expecting to find yourself standing in line at a pizza joint at 4 a.m. with some sweaty dollars in your hand. When you're 80 and reminiscing about how good it felt to be bad way back when, these are the songs youll want to close your eyes and hear. They're what wild sounds like.

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