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The Polyamorous Affair
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ArtistThe Polyamorous Affair
Release DateMarch 2008

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Printed in IssueOct/Nov 08
Review AuthorDevin Estlin

Fabulous, sexy fairy tales from the front lines of Eurodisco decadence.

The dilettantish pursuit of the international glamorous life, an endless summer of dark discos in Saint Tropez, can be likened to the layman’s search for the Yeti—fun for a few hours, promptly followed by the decision to just take the natives’ word for it. Lucky for us, L.A. electro duo the Polyamorous Affair is on duty to phone in fabulous, sexy fairy tales from the front lines of Eurodisco decadence. The twosome’s self-titled debut is like aural spandex—thin, bright, and meant for sweat. While the lyrics won’t be mistaken for Dostoevsky (lead track “Nightlife” is basically a riff on Alicia Bridges’ disco classic “I Love the Night Life,” and throwaway rhymes abound), they hit the mark in the feel-good department. Breezy funk tracks such as “Whoever Controls the Groove” are bound to end up in hipsters’ heavy rotation from the French Riviera to Williamsburg, Brooklyn; a perfect soundtrack for those of us who take our walk of shame with a wink, nod, and strut.

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