Though, I’m Just Me

Feist and a less-anxious Björk come to mind when listening to this solid album.

For fans craving the girly, adolescent appeal of pure piano pop like Regina Spektor’s, yet feel shame over neighbors hearing it, there is now a solid album to satisfy all candy-coated desires. Not only did she write, produce, arrange, and record all the songs herself, but Hirasawa also played nearly every instrument on Though, I’m Just Me. Resembling Feist and a less-anxious Björk, Hirasawa uses horns, bells, and cheery backup vocals behind her powerful voice, achieving a dramatic ’50s musical-theater feel. The beautifully melodic track “Gothenburg,” about Hirasawa’s hometown in Sweden, conjures all bittersweet journeys home—and could likely end up in an Apple commercial. Hirasawa rarely gets too serious, focusing mostly on childlike pleasures such as firecrackers, MySpace, birthdays, and boys, with a keen sense of fun that no neighbor could frown upon. Pop music hasn’t been this delightful in a while