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Joan Jett's new fave band, Girl in a Coma, wakes us up with brazen, bold rock n roll with the down home Texas integrity to back it up in Trio B. C.

Joan Jett sure can pick ’em. Girl In a Coma, the darling of Jett’s label, Blackheart Records, makes music that moves (unlike an actual girl in a coma). This San Antonio–based trio of ladies has a sound that is both rebellious rockabilly and guitar-heavy punk, with a touch of the Pixies and a dash of Morrissey, all wrapped in a bluesy Texan blanket. Their second album, Trio B.C., shot me right back into the alt-rock ’90s and is taking care of unfinished business. Nina Diaz’s awesome vocals are pristine, from the tight wailings of “Baby Boy” to the lovelorn “El Monte,” in which she sings, “I wanna suck all of your toes.” Ballsy and brazen, the whole album is bitchin’, y’all. If you’re looking for some boot-stomping rock, pop this in your car stereo, throw on your best assless chaps, and I’ll see you at the club.