Uncle Sam Wants You, Sarah Silverman Wants to Scissor | Print |

Past BUST cover girl and comedienne Sarah Silverman made headlines this week with her indecent video proposal to billionaire Sheldon Adelson. In the video, she asks him if he will scissor with her, and goes as far as to demonstrate the act in a bikini, with a small puppy playing the role of the elderly billionaire himself.

Sarah isn't just jonesing for the oldies. In fact, she's taking one for the democrats by asking Sheldon to scissor her in return for donating $100 million to Barack Obama instead of Mitt Romney. Adelson has already pledged the money to Romney, but perhaps the video will sway him.

After all, as Silverman convincingly argues, how many other politicians can say they scissored with a "bikini bottomed Jewess with big naturals?"

None, Sheldon. None.


Image courtesy of The Examiner