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Apr/May 2013



Strange Magic Eccentric electronica “it” girl Grimes lets us in to her secret world. By Molly Simms

Up All Night Throw a grown-up sleepover party that’s light as a feather, stiff as a drink. By Lisa Butterworth

The New Sound Our favorite breakout music stars of the year! Starring: Clairy Browne, Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes, Jennifer and Jessica Clavin of Bleached, and Lianne La Havas. By Phoebe Magee, Eliza C. Thompson, Lisa Butterworth, and Molly Simms

No Man’s Band The jazzy gals of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm sure knew how to swing. By Sonja Patterson

Heavenly Bodies Gravity-defying looks for spring, modeled by the Martha Graham Dance Company. Photographed by Kah Poon, Styled by Emily Lentz Jenkins



Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie; amazing strongwoman Mama Lou; and more.

She-Bonics  Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Chastain, Taylor Swift, and Naomie Harris speak their peace.

News From a Broad Mormon feminists let their legs do the talking. By Kara Buller

Pop Quiz You can’t stop her! She’s Cyndi Lauper! By Emily Rems

Hot Dates April and May are the best times to play. By Libby Zay

Pop Tart When famous faces trade places. By Wendy McClure

Boy du Jour Milo Ventimiglia makes us tingle in our bathing-suit areas. By Jenni Miller


Show off your boss floss with string art; Mary McCartney vegs out with Food; feel the noise with wi-fi speakers; and more.

Mother Superior The potential for havoc is high when you homeschool. By Ayun Halliday

Eat Me Add some culture to your life with DIY yogurt. By Chef Rossi

What Would Roseanne Barr Do? Our resident advice diva weighs in on babies, career woes, and OCD. By Roseanne Barr

Around the World in 80 Girls Give a trip to Mumbai a try. By Devorah Klein Lev-Tova


Fashion tips from vintage vixen Rachel Combs; we’re loco for QooQoo; hip-hop meets rave in looks for daring girls only; and more.

Good Stuff Style is a state of mind. By Stephanie J.

Buy or DIY Wing out in feather accessories. By Callie Watts

BUST Test Kitchen Our interns give disposable facial wipes a try.


Music Reviews; plus the return of the Knife!

Movies Frances Ha makes a startling Admission to Midnight's Children.

Books Reviews; plus copious concern over the sex lives of 20-somethings.


Sex secrets from ancient Greece; and more.

Questions for the Queen Queries from a "Peeing Pistol" and a gal named Crystal

One-Handed Read Sweat. By Elle Foster



X GAMES Keepin' it Classical. By Deb Amlen

The Last Laugh She's a maniac, maniac, on the floor. By Esther Pearl Watson