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Mary, Mary

From kicking butt in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to breaking the chains of addiction in Smashed, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is having an on-screen breakthrough.
By Eliza C. Thompson

Resolutions Worth Keeping

America’s favorite TV mom gives self-improvement advice for the new year that has nothing to do with dieting. By Roseanne Barr Queens of the Neighborhood Riot grrrl pioneers Bikini Kill are commemorating their 20th anniversary by keeping the dream alive.
By Lisa Butterworth

All That Glitters

A woman with an unusual phobia explains why diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend. By Raquel D’Apice Cold Comfort Look hot in the snow with fashions inspired by Doctor Zhivago.
Photographed by Amanda Bruns, Styled by Cannon for Judy Casey


  • Emily Owens, M.D.’s breakout star Mamie Gummer; People’s Grocery; director Allison Anders on her new June Carter Cash biopic; and more.

  • She-bonics Margaret Cho, Chelsea Clinton, Joyce Carol Oates, and Emma Stone show us how it’s done. By Whitney Dwire

  • News from a Broad A female ref finally takes the field for the NFL. By Kara Buller

  • Hot Dates Delightful ways to while away December and January. By Libby Zay

  • Pop Quiz Love her or hate her, Helen Gurley Brown was major. By Emily Rems

  • Pop Tart Cutting Kristen Stewart some slack amid all the attacks. By Wendy McClure

  • Boy du Jour Comedian Reggie Watts is tops! By Molly Simms

  • No-bake thin mints; car care for thrifty chicks; Jell-O gets a glamorous makeover; and more.

  • Eat Me Soup’s On! By Chef Rossi

  • Mother Superior Forsaken keepsakes mark the end of an era. By Ayun Halliday

  • Around the World in 80 Girls Know all the tricks from Bricks to Kingston. By Saba Igbe

  • Style tips from designer and writer Bianca Venerayan; head-to-toe holiday-party looks; and more.

  • Buy or DIY The bead goes on. By Callie Watts

  • Good Stuff Gorgeous home goods from A to Z. By Stephanie J.

  • BUST Test Kitchen Our interns put their heads together to test leave-in conditioners.

  • Music Reviews; plus new tunes from Crystal Castles.

  • Movies Ginger & Rosa go On the Road with Anna Karenina.

  • Books Reviews; plus Amber Tamblyn’s Poetry Corner.

  • Aural stimulation; Ben Wa Balls 101; and more.

  • Questions for the Queen Dealing with online sex secrets IRL. By Dr. Carol Queen

  • One-Handed Read Three’s a Crowd. By Whim Grace

  • Party Pix The BUST Magazine Craftacular at World Maker Faire!

  • BUSTshop

  • X Games That’s Just How We Roll. By Deb Amlen

  • The Last Laugh Tammy Pierce gives Herb some positive reinforcement. By Esther Pearl Watson