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Table of Contents April/May 2014

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The New Queen of Comedy

Amy Schumer's brand of real, raunchy, standup is making more room for lady business in show business.
By Lisa Butterworth

Picture Perfect Photographer

Vivian Maier's journey from anonymous artist to posthumous legend will blow your mind.
By Phoebe Magee

The Braid-y Bunch

Trendy tress tips for twisted sisters.
By Alison Brislin Back

With a Bang

Even though her Blossom days are behind her, actor, author, and neuroscientist (!!!) Mayim Bialik has still got plenty of flower power.
By Lisa Butterworth

The Price of Fashion

The true cost of cheap, mass-produced clothes is steeper than consumers want to admit.
By Kelly Maxwell

Karma Chameleon

Colors, patterns, shapes, and shades collide in looks guaranteed to psych you out.

Photographed by Jeaneen Lund, Styled by Kime Buzzelli

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  • Gia Coppola joins the family business

  • The Kind Campaign stands up to girl-on-girl crime

  • Animation fans go to bat for Bee and Puppycat

  • Pop Quiz Frida Kahlo 4 Ever. By Emily Rems

  • The Hotness Pop culture on a platter. By Emily Rems

  • Boy du Jour Ike Barinholtz’s chest hair will mesmerize you. By Sara Benincasa

  • Bra-ometer Women’s news for all of yous. By Kara Buller and Solange Castellar

  • Museum of Femoribilia There’s no “dick” in these dictionaries. By Lynn Peril


  • Craft up a rack worthy of your swag

  • Bird-watching 101

  • The best bikes evs

  • Eat Me Perfect poached eggs—every time. By Chef Rossi

  • Around the World in 80 Girls Chiang Mai, Thailand is a wonderland! By Mai Nguyen


  • Fashion tips from super stylist Barbie Beach

  • Scent-sational floral beauty prods

  • 4/20 gifts that will give any stoner a lady boner

  • Good Stuff Glamping gear for the high-maintenance nature gal in you. By Stephanie J.


  • Music Reviews

  • The Return of Kelis.

  • Movies The Night Moves of Belle the Nymphomaniac.

  • Books Reviews; plus Amber Tamblyn’s Poetry Corner.


  • The surprising etymology of queefing

  • Questions for the Queen Chasing that “Wahoo!” feeling. By Dr. Carol Queen

  • 90 One-Handed Read Girls Interrupted. By J. L. Gaynor


  • Event Pics Snaps of our frisky hijinks at Museum of Sex and Babeland!

  • BUSTshop

  • X Games “Petit Four” Play. By Tracy Bennett

  • The Last Laugh Catching rays with Tammy Pierce! By Esther Pearl Watson