June/July 2012




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Lady and the Vamp True Blood’s Anna Paquin on the role that changed her life. By Lisa Butterworth

Piece of Cake Easy ways to throw the world’s best birthday party. By Molly Simms

Nobody Beats the Lizz Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead’s new book is off the hook. By Rachel Shukert

Bands Across America Your essential summer concert guide. By Eliza Thompson

Pill Poppers These days birth-control pills are prescribed for way more than just contraception. But is that a good thing? By Rachel Friedman

Vamos al Paraíso Tropical styles guaranteed to flatter your curves.Photographed by Samantha West, Styled by Shibon Kennedy






Editor's Letter


Beach House’s Victoria Legrand; when Barbie and Hoarders collide; Knitting Behind Bars; and more.

She-bonics Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lawrence, Uma Thurman, and Annie Lennox serve up sound bites. By Whitney Dwire

News from a Broad The new Legos have got to go. By Kara Buller

Boy du Jour Luke Kirby’s performance in Take This Waltz has women talkin’ and panties droppin’. By Molly Simms

Museum of Femoribilia An intriguing look at Victorian hairwork. By Lynn Peril

Hot Dates Fun stuff to try in June and July. By Libby Zay

Pop Quiz Celebrating the eternal flame of Etta James. By Emily Rems

Pop Tart Why Mad Men and Downton Abbey make us so happy. By Wendy McClure


Ice cream deliciousness without an ice cream maker; video blogging tips and tricks; three cheers for beer; and more.

Buy or DIY Yes you can make a caftan! By Callie Watts

Nickel and Dined Salad dressings worth savoring. By Isa Chandra Moskowitz

What Would Roseanne Barr Do? The comedy legend helps a virgin decide when to get touched for the very first time. By Roseanne Barr

Around the World in 80 Girls Have a capitol time in Washington, D.C.By Sonja Patterson


Designer Yokoo Gibraan has style for miles; the season’s best swimsuits to flatter your shape; how to care for natural black hair; and more.

BUST Test Kitchen We unleash our team on organic sunscreens.

Good Stuff A gaggle of bags for on-the-go summer fun. By Stephanie J.


Music Reviews; plus real talk with Santigold and Rufus Wainwright.

Movies Seeking a Friend for the End of the World to stop the Hysteria ofYour Sister’s Sister.

Books Reviews; plus the best new reads on modern motherhood.


Fake hymens are busted; sexercise what’s between your thighs; and more.

One-Handed Read Under the Roman Moon. By Veronica Jane Burroughs


Event Pics Sweet shots from the BUST Magazine Craftacular and Food Fair Spring 2012!


X Games This Means War. By Deb Amlen

The Last Laugh

Tammy Pierce just says no to grass. By Esther Pearl Watson