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Bright and Dark
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Release DateAugust 2009
Genre Rock

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Printed in IssueOct/Nov 09
Review AuthorCeleste Kaufman
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Rock along with the ballsy beauties of BETTY in their sassy, pop-rock record, Bright & Dark.

Just try to listen to BETTY’s sixth album, Bright & Dark, without dancing. The rock group—formed by ladies not named Betty but Amy, Alyson, and Elizabeth—has come a long way since its a cappella days in the ’80s. At once hard-hitting and melodic, fierce and heartfelt, Bright & Dark is rife with disco-inspired beats as the trio sings about banging a Jesus look-alike and taunting the girlfriend of a recent sexual conquest. But these gals aren’t all bawdy brass knuckles. They raise millions of dollars with their performances and record sales for women’s rights and breast-cancer research. In fact, Elizabeth is a survivor—check her out standing proud in a bikini with only one boob on the album’s cover. In BETTY’s world, anything goes, so turn these tunes up and venture over to the wild side.

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I love BUST reveiws and this one is right on. This album is INCREDIBLE!!! I dance around, sing along and drive like hell on wheels to this music. Fan forever, but this album is their best yet. It's gonna be my xmas gift to all my coolest friends. Rock on, BETTY!
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