Etsy's Next Top Model Is A Petite Redhead With Green Eyes, Coarse Tongue

In keeping with today's themes of pussy power and fashion, I'd like to introduce you to a model who is making his mark on Etsy-- tiny paw prints, to be exact. Toki Nantucket is the whiskered face of CatAtelier, an Etsy shop offering "hats, accessories, and clothing for your fashion-forward a detail-oriented perfectionist cat-lover." I'm on the fence about pet accessories and have never personally dabbled in cat clothes (because my cat couldn't sit still long enough for me to put a bow tie on him), but I'm impressed with Toki's professionalism, not to mention his human's mad sewing skills. Check out some of my favorite looks below:

Toki smolders in a newsboy cap.

Tyra Banks would be proud of this cat's ability to smize purrr-fectly.

Toki is dashing in a formal top hat (made to comfortably accommodate his ears) and bow tie. Me-owww.

Toki shows off a range of expressions. Very high fashion, no?

Etsy's Hottest New Cat Model [BuzzFeed]

CatAtelier [Etsy]


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