This lady has achieved time travel!!! Well, sort of. Chino Otsuka, a London-based photographer, used unsettlingly convincing photo editing to insert her “now” self beside her “then” self at various points throughout her past. The powerful juxtaposition illustrates the lovingly nostalgic self-reflection that comes with maturity.

Living in a digital age where pretty much anything can be made to resemble reality, Otsuka used the near-magic powers to create something truly beautiful. Imagine Finding Me is what Otsuko describes as “becoming a tourist in [her] own history.”  It blurs the lines of time, and stirs our brains and our hearts.

Considering the many evils Photoshop has imposed on the lives of women for what feels like forever, this mesmerizing and thought-provoking re-telling of personal history is a refreshingly brilliant use of the skill that sets the stage for women to explore and celebrate their personal histories.

Go ahead,  call your parents and ask them to mail you some photos of your baby self. I know you’re curious!

Check out the rest of the photos here.

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