Do you ever play that game where you look at someone’s face very intently and try to figure out what they’d look like 30+ years from now? Like the 3D version of that app that (crappily) superimposes wrinkles and loose skin over the subject’s face? That might just be me, but I’m pretty sure we’ve all wondered at one point or another what Rihanna will look like when she’s 70, and I am willing to bet money that she’ll still be throwing down. This photo series by renowned photographer Robyn Twomey has taken my game and turned it into the real deal, featuring former playboy bunnies 50 years after their original shoots. 

The results are beautiful and honest, and it’s jarring to see what the most glamorously sexualized women in the world look like after their “primes” have passed. Generally, I don’t agree with using the word "prime" to describe a woman’s looks, because it places a really gross value on youth and simultaneously colors life after their “prime” as less than, as if they are to be appreciated less, or that that the rest of their life will be lacking in physical beauty.


Ageism is a plague that I have no desire to get mixed up with. Are we not all going to be old one day? And when we do get old, will we fondly nod our heads when someone says to us “Man, you were a babe back in your prime.”? It’s a backhanded compliment that invalidates how people might feel about themselves in the current moment, which very well could be more babely than they’ve ever felt before.

Keeping in mind that these babes will remain eternal hotties in their pasts, presents, and futures, it’s fascinating to see the effect of time on women whose beauty was printed in glossed up pages where they essentially remained timeless. Check it out the entire series at Twomey’s site by clicking here.

Twomey also shot this beautiful photograph of feminist activist Gloria Steinem. Simultaneously highlighting the beauty and strength of the heroic woman's face, she elegantly reveals the facial marks that carry the significance of Steinem's extraordinary life.


Images via Robyn Twomey.

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