I sometimes feel as though I was born in the wrong damn decade. While I may have caught myself in the timelessness of being barefoot and topless swaying to the positive energy of love and music (my fellow summertime folk and music festival attendees can relate), it’s hard not to wish myself into the original time and place of the peace and love drenched hippie movement. I spend my time reading books about the cities and people that influenced that time and listening to the music made over those special years. I can’t help but imagine myself as a peer of the folks who I have come to admire so much, so late.   

This is why I'm so thrilled to hear about the release of a new album from Californian singer-songwriter, Linda Perhacs. Her first psych-folk album, Parallelograms (reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell) was released in 1970 to almost no acclaim at all and received cult status as it remained essentially unknown until its decent-quality reissue in 2003. But on March 4th 2014, Perhacs is finally following it up by releasing her second album in 44 years, The Soul of All Natural Things, on Sufjan Steven’s label Asthmatic Kitty.

In the press release, Stevens said, “Linda has a prophetic voice that speaks beauty and truth with the kind of confidence and hope that has been lost for decades.”  Totally looking forward to hearing the full album! In the meantime, adjust your flower crowns and ponchos, and watch this video for the dreamy tune “Freely” from the new record.



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