Let me tell you something about my experience relocating to New York City. It’s been super freaking lonely. Leaving behind my friends and family and my 2 beloved cats has been, some days, pretty close to heartbreaking. Lately I’ve been thinking about how significant and healing the companionship of my closest feline friends really is.

The fact that my regular routine (north of the border) included coming home on the best and worst of days to the (mostly) unconditional love of my cats was clearly something I took for granted, which I’m especially noticing now, when I come home to a totally cat-free apartment.

All those quirky behaviors that cat owners come to know, and eventually (just have to) embrace--the unapologetic scratching of furniture, the wake up calls at ridiculous hours, and in the case of my Maine Coon, the sucking of the tip of his tail--are things that I am desperately missing these days.

If only there were a comfortable and safe public place where I could drop by and absorb the love of cats, instead of a sadly sterile environment that fills my heart with guilt when I can’t leave with my arms full of adopted kitties.

This is why the recent news of America’s first cat cafe opening up later this year in San Francisco is simply blowing my mind. The cafe, KitTea, (who doesn’t love a good cat pun, amiright?!) is described as one-part gourmet tea house and one-part cat and human oasis. In other words, total bliss.

The plans to open up shop are still on hold till the appropriate location is found, keeping health code regulations in mind and whatnot (which I'm sure was a first thought of many readers, but fear not). But the founders have made their mission clear on the cafe’s website, which is to create a zen retreat where people and cats can hang out to the benefit of both, within the setting of a relaxing tea house. The cafe will also give homeless cats an oasis that provides all the love and comfort of a forever home. 

While the resident teashop cats (that will be adopted from local rescue shelters, btw) will be provided with a feline-only room and entire walls for perching and scratching, cafe patrons will gain the therapeutic benefits of spending time with cats while sipping on ecologically sourced exotic teas. I’m not kitten you, sounds like an all-around a-meow-zing concept to me.

Now wrap it all up with a vid of cat drinking tea, you say? You got it!  




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