So perhaps you've already heard: SNL – that cliquey comedian's mecca – is set to debut a brand new cast member in the coming weeks. And...wait for it...she's a black woman! GASP! We've already popped the champagne, and not just because fresh face Sasheer Zamata represents merely the fifth African American female to appear on the show throughout its thirty-eight year run. And not “just because” a diverse cast of comics indubitably creates a wider gamut for topical lampoonery*. While we all know something of the dubious conditions re: Lorne Michael's frantic search for talented black women, something much of the trending coverage seems to have overlooked (looking at you, New York Observer) is the fact of Zamata's bona-fide talent. She's certainly an icon for a (small and abstract) lady victory, but she's also “just” super, super funny, and unequivocally deserving of her new role. 

Don't feel like waiting for cold-open proof? Take a good long gander at 'The Pursuit of Sexiness,' a self-spun web-series starring Zamata and other African American comedienne (EGAD!) Nicole Byer. The women play two off-kilter ladies looking for love and cash money in the big city. Spoiler alert: it's not every day you'll see a comedian – any comedian – extract a fitted Cosby sweater from their nether regions. Not-ready-for-primetime, my foot.

*I know we all saw this.

 Image courtesy of The Huffington Post. 

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