Riot Grrrl is not dead, and the kick-ass ladies from Sharkmuffin are here to prove it.  With their latest single "Quarter Machine," off their EP 1097 (streaming here), Tara Thiessen (vocals/guitar), Natalie Kirch (vocals/bass) and Janet LaBelle (drums) remind us that music can still be fun, wild and dangerous. Listening to the new single is like taking a time machine back to 1992, in the best possible way. They breathe life into teenage nostalgia and make it all too palpable; a strange mix of angst and elation is beautifully captured by their gritty guitar riffs and powerful and almost grimy vocals. Their new song sounds just like their name suggests, cute with a deadly bite. Sharkmuffin prove they are not a band to be underestimated.

After tackling SXSW, releasing three EPs the past year alone, and following a hectic tour schedule, the garage-noise-pop trio shows no signs of stopping, and we at BUST can't see what else they have in store. Check out their latest music video for "Quarter Machine" below  and the rest of their music at Soundcloud.



Image Via Sharkmuffin

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